Up Periscope! -- BAM You're Dead



Sometimes the more things change, the more they stay the same.

I ran across a perfect example of that over at Soldier Systems blog which features a neat little post on an updated version of the trench periscope.

With all these walled compounds and impromtu urban sniper postions, the US Tactical Supply Scout Sniper Periscope Kit is a back to the future update of the Dough Boy sharpshooter's best friend.

U.S. Tactical Supply offers the Scout Sniper Periscope Kit (NSN 1240-01-571-5004). The kit is comprised of am anodized aluminum tripod mount handle with 1/4 20 threads, Desert Camo SwatScope 3M Camoclad Wrap Kit, aluminum hard case, belt hook, AN/PVS-14 Adapter, flashlight attachment, and a soft sling case. Its everything you need to put the periscope immediately into action and can be used for a variety of observation applications in addition to use by a Sniper section.

Sometimes it's not about UAVs, thermal imagers and ground bots...sometimes it's just a simple matter of refraction, defraction and a sneak peek above the roof line to zero in on the bad guys.

Maybe US tactical has an adaptor kit to attach the periscope to a M110 or M40 rifle...?

(Gouge: SS)

-- Christian

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