Let Erik Prince Do the Talking

Well, Blackwater (Xe) is in the news again today. Seems as if they've been loading bombs onto CIA Predators in Afghanistan and Pakistan under contract and the anti-PMC crowd is in a tizzy.

Based on conversations I've had with security contractors from a couple different companies, the CIA gigs -- even the one where they outsourced their al Qaeda hit squads -- is SO nothing new that it must stun even the most ill-informed intel community watcher to see this make such a splash.

And what could be more innocuous than hiring some dudes with a track record of maintaining security and defending covert facilities to load bombs and missiles into drones? I mean, does the general public think the CIA has a ordnance loader specialist MOS? Come on.

If it wasn't going to be Blackwater doing the bomb loading or AQ whacking, it would be someone else. The CIA just doesn't have these guys lying around at Langley. They respond to task and when they need to get spun up quickly, they turn to covert operations veterans in the civilian sector. And no one has gobbled up more of those types than the boys in Moyock.

Here's a video from AP shot about a year ago when the company had a media rep who actually answered the phone. We'll let Erik Prince do the rest of the talking -- since his company ain't saying anything since they've exploded back into the news.

-- Christian

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