We Won't Let You Forget Afghanistan

It seems that all we're seeing on the nightly news is "angry mobs" this and "health reform" that.

Meanwhile, troops are fighting and dying in Afghanistan during a withering assault on Taliban strongholds in the south of the country.

We're not going to let that pass, so as events warrant, DT will be posting content or alerting readers to good material that will keep them up to date with what's going on.

First, I'd like to mention that after a long hiatus, Michael Yon has agreed to contribute content to Military.com and its associated properties. Yesterday, Ward had a podcast interview with him even as bullets and rockets were wizzing by. The interview was so compelling, we penned a companion piece that ran as today's lead story on Military.com. Please be sure to keep his site in your scan as he continues his embed through Christmas.

Also, I'd like to direct your attention to a compelling video posted on the Washington Post site shot by Ann Scott Tyson of said paper.

I've run in the same circles as Anne for many years on the defense beat, and she is polite, professional, persistent and compassionate. Well, add to the ballsy as hell, because the video she shot of a day long skirmish with Marines in Helmand is bad ass...and a tribute to her calm under fire and comfort with new media. She is one of those rare defense scribes that is as comfortable in a sit-down with SecDef Gates as she is bunking on a cot and eating warm MREs in the dust of Iraq or Afghanistan. Keep her content in your scan.

Watch the video, read the story, listen to the podcast...don't ignore was going on over there in the still (for now) "forgotten war"...

-- Christian

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