SCAR Inventory Update



The latest SCAR fielding numbers are in...

My source declined to specify which units are receiving them now, but based on the math and timeline, it looks like Army Special Forces and the balance of SEALs are getting theirs soon (and Marines)...SEE PREVIOUS STORY

My source said there are two "units" yet to receive their SCARs, but that so far nine units have received about 500 Mk-16 (5.56mm) versions have been fielded, 350 Mk-17 (7.62mm) versions have been fielded and 165 Mk-13s (the 40mm grenade launcher).

Fielding began in April and will end by the end of November, my source says. He also said that a bunch of accessory barrels, grips and suppressors have been included in the fielding as well.

About 1,400 SCARs of various calibers are set to be fielded to special operators through this year.

-- Christian

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