The Death of Baitullah Mehsud



Was he dead? Was he still alive?

Do we trust the AP on stuff like this? Or is Roggio more credible?

That's precisely the back and forth we've had today on the story of the Predator strike on Baitullah Mehsud, the vicious commander of the Taliban insurgency in Pakistan and a key al Qaeda ally.

First, it was the MSM claiming he'd been killed in a Predator strike at his father in law's house.

Then we had Roggio writing that his sources were telling him the leader had not been killed, but that he might have been injured in the hit.

Who to believe?

Well, why not hear it from the horse's mouth.

I spoke with Bill this morning about the story and his reaction to the two versions. Let's just say he's glad he's batting at least a 900 on his reporting of these commander killed rumors.

-- Christian

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