Tyrants and Nukes


nuke.jpgIt has been well documented that India did not attack Pakistan after the Mumbai terror attacks simply because Pakistan has nuclear bombs. This has not been lost on tyrannical regimes who are now at various stages of procuring nuclear weapons. Recently there have been reports that North Korea is seeking to sell the nuclear technology to Myanmar/Burma. A month ago, it was reported that a cash-trapped Pakistan would sell The Bomb to Saudi Arabia. Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons is well known and even Israel's worst-kept secret, its 400-plus nuclear weapons, evinces the degree to which that country appreciates their deterrent value as it goes out of its way to infuriate its neighbors in the pursuit of "national defense."According to Reuters, Western policymakers are most alarmed by Iran and Syria's desire to boost their nuclear capability. Washington says Pyongyang has already exported missiles and missile technology to Iran and nuclear technology to Syria. Al Qaeda and related groups are actively seeking nuclear materials and know-how, and analysts say North Korea would be one of their most likely sources. (Full news here.)So if you look at the list of countries fast-tracking nuclear weapons programs they are all dictatorial or tyrannical regimes seeking to ensure their survivability. Luckily Pakistan and North Korea are there to help them, backed by China. (Read "Why China spread nuclear technologies to rogue nations".) Both countries desperately need cash and believe that any nuclear attack from the buying country is more likely to be aimed at the U.S. or a joint task-force like the U.N. in which case they may band together anyway. (Hillary Clinton is deceiving herself when she said that Myanmar possessing nuclear weapons is a threat to its neighbors.)After China has spread nuclear weapons technology, now Chinese Chief of Staff Gen Bingde now says (see Globalsecurity article) that they are seriously concerned about North Korea getting nuclear technology as it may propel South Korea and Japan to get deterrent nuclear weapons as well.-- Manu Sood, editor, 8ak

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