Imminent Fury (Clarification)


It has come to my attention that I might not have accurately reported the method by which the Navy intends to obtain its aircraft under the Imminent Fury program.

According to two sources involved with the program, the intent has always been to lease the aircraft from a third party rather than purchase them. I understand that my article caused quite a stir in the halls of the Capitol based on this misunderstanding.

As far as I'm concerned, the SEALs need this plane, the nation needs this capability and no matter how the darned things are paid for, just make it happen!

PS -- And another quick point of clarification: My main source never mentioned the "training" aspect of the Imminent Fury program, though I'm sure he knew that was an added benefit. So when I said "which is slightly different from what my sources told me about the origins and goal of the program" what I meant was that my sources left me with the distinct impression that this plane was offensive/defensive in nature, not being leased for training native air services.

-- Christian

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