So What Was this Super Secret CIA Plot? (With Links)



I'm completely flabbergasted by this CIA program that the spooks supposedly lied to Congress about for the last eight years.

Apparently the program was initiated after 9/11, but the critics are still mum on what the nature of the program was. Now I want a little speculating here.

Our boy Bryant Jordan says he heard the program may center around an elite assassination squad that was put together of the Sept. 11 attacks and reported exclusively to then VP Cheney. I love that story, but it doesn't sound believable since Panetta only learned about it a few months ago and shut it down then.

Again, back to Seymour Hersh rumors, was it a program to upend the Iranian regime with Delta operators, CIA cutouts and political manipulation? Maybe.

Huff Post actually has a good article on this and says one of its sources said even Republicans were stunned when they learned about the program. I have a feeling it's a pretty hard core one given the silence so far on what the nature of the program was. We all know that Congress leaks like a sieve -- especially if it will gain political points for certain players. So if the folks in the know have been quiet this long, it's gotta be pretty damned Earth shaking...

...which makes me want to know even more...

All right readers, what do you think about this? So what was this TOP SECRET program?

-- Christian

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