"Say My Name!" (Updated)


Noonan put this in yesterday's Fire for Effect but I felt it worthy of a deeper dive, as it were, especially considering it's Friday (and this has been a LONG week). So what do you guys (and girls) think? Was the Senator correct to attempt this bitch slapping of General Walsh or was she out of line?

Naturally the "who earned his or her title more" arguments might ensue, so let us offer the official bios of both parties:

Read Senator Boxer's official bio here.

Read Brigadier General Walsh's bio here.

So, to sum up, Boxer - career politician who loves nothing so much as a good hearing in a comfortable caucus room; Walsh - lifelong patriot who has traveled the planet rebuilding regions devastated by disasters both natural and man-made.

It's not even close, is it? We salute you, m'am . . . er, Senator . . .

-- Ward

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