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green lasers.jpgMilitary.com is running a Stars ans Stripes article reporting that "Laser-related eye injuries among U.S. Soldiers in Iraq have risen significantly in the last six months, prompting the military to review its use of green lasers."

According to the story "the lasers, also called 'dazzlers,' put out a green light that looks a bit like a sniper rifle laser. They allow soldiers to get the attention of Iraqi drivers, without firing warning shots, at security checkpoints, in military convoys and on vehicle patrols. And if a suspicious vehicle or pedestrian doesn't stop, the lasers can temporarily blind or disorient, giving soldiers a means of suppression without firing bullets."

The green lasers are part of the Soldiers' "escalation of force" kit and according to one official "give the Soldiers something between shouting and shooting." (Nice hook, that.)

The article states that at least five U.S. troops have been medically evacuated from Iraq since December due to serious eye injuries caused by green lasers, according to U.S. military officials.

So if we're looking for something between shouting and shooting shouldn't it be something that doesn't potentially permanently blind people? What could that be? Hold it, let's take a lesson from Texas law enforcement:

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-- Ward

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