The Afghan Dream Team



There's a great story this morning in the New York Times about the Pentagon giving Gen. McChrystal a lot of leeway to put together his "dream team" of Afghan command.

It's precisely what the doctor ordered and the kind of thing that folks like Nagl and the Kagans have been saying would be the key to success there. It's the same kind of carte blanche control that GW Bush gave Petraeus -- with great success in a very short time.

Also, it's brilliant that McC wants these guys to stay on for three years instead of one year stints in their billets. They'll become more invested in the success of the fight and have greater insight into the inner workings of Afghanistan.

The Times story says Gates and Mullen have impressed upon McChrystal that Afghanistan is the "main effort"'s about time from my perspective. And it's a good thing that we have a steely-eyed special operator at the helm. He understands economy of force, unconventional warfare and rapid tasking -- which is just the kind of mindset the conflict in Afghanistan needs.

Another interesting note...the Times piece mentions that McC asked Rear Adm. Greg Smith to be his chief of public affairs. Petraeus did the same thing when he asked Smith to come over to Iraq to assess the PA operation there and when Smith delivered his report said "OK, can you stay here and implement it for me?"

Smith was due to retire but has reportedly agreed to stay on with McC...true patriots all and we wish them the best of luck.

-- Christian

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