Trainer Shoots Down F-22 or What?

Editor's Note: This comes from our boy Steve Trimble who edits Flight Global's DEW Line blog. As far as I'm concerned, Steve is the "Rainman" of aviation minisculia and I'd throw my money on his bet every time. See what you think...

The facts are a bit sketchy here. This clip was posted to YouTube on 18 April by an anonymous user named "d43e49". The video identifies the attacking aircraft as a T-38, but it's not confirmed by anything shown within the clip. At the 35-sec mark, the F-22's shape is clearly visible as it emerges above the target sight after the kill.

As far as I know, this is the first video clip of a simulated F-22 shootdown to reach the public domain. That is newsworthy by itself. Let's also be very clear: a single simulated kill without context says nothing meaningful about the F-22's dogfighting or aerial prowess. Even an EA-18G can apparently get lucky once.

If a T-38 was really involved, then congratulations to the pilot. Your are either absurdly lucky or insanely skilled.

-- Steve Trimble

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