BREAK-BREAK: Ospreys Grounded (Update)



We're working the details now, but apparently a loose bolt was found in an area near the rotors on deployed MV-22 Ospreys which was worrying enough to Red Stripe the entire fleet.

Colin's banging out all the information he could get in a piece for DoD Buzz, but for now, that's what I've got.

Be sure to check over at the Buzz for more information in a few minutes.

UPDATE:All 84 Ospreys were temporarily grounded following the discovery of loose bolts in a V-22 in Iraq.

"This is a temporary grounding bulletin issued strictly as a precautionary measure," NavAir spokesman Mike Welding said Tuesday evening. "If one of those came lose in flight, the worst case scenario you would lose control of the affected prop rotor," he said, adding that no planes had been affected in flight. "Our priority first and foremost is safety."

Four planes have had problems with the bolts, which help control the rotors. Two of those are back in the air, Welding said. The repairs take two days, he said.

All the affected planes are in Iraq, he said, adding that the cause of the loose bolts is not entirely clear yet and investigations are proceeding to figure out why they came loose.

The Marines expect the "red stripe" notice "to have a minimal impact on operations," said Maj. Eric Dent, a Marine spokesman in Washington.

-- Christian

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