Tactical Impact: Speed vs. Accuracy

I just love this new show that's featured on my hunting channels called "Tactical Impact" -- though my wife gives me un-ending grief for watching it. Not sure if you've heard about it, but it's a pretty good resource on high-speed operations, weapons, equipment, tactics and history.

It's headlined by Aaron Roberts and Larry Vickers. Roberts is a former special operations Soldier and top trainer at Blackwater, while Vickers was a Delta operator for years and now runs a training company called Vickers Tactical. I spoke with Larry at the SHOT show about Tactical Impact and he said they renewed for another season and had a full slate of programs.

I like it because the peel away the layers of combat tactics to give you whys -- not just the hows. And I especially like the segment "choose your weapon" where they lay out a specific combat scenario (this week's was the Green Beret team tasked with crash landing into the center of the Son Tay prison in Vietnam) and give you three weapons to choose from to take on the mission. They then go through each one and explain why they'd choose what they did (I always choose the AK-47 even if they don't give me that option).

Well, the producers have been kind enough to post some of the show's segments online, and I share a pretty cool one with you now.

Happy Friday everyone!

-- Christian

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