Boots on the Ground -- With Guest Jake Allen from The Combat Operator



The podcast with security consultant and founder of The Combat Operator Jake Allen is ready for download below.

Some key points Jake made:

  • A lot of the pirates are part-timers -- fishermen not making enough money who see easy prey with bog slow ships.
  • There need to be severe consequences for this ilk -- sinking pirate speedboats and potentially killing marauding bands will serve as a major deterrent.
  • Piracy in the Gulf of Aden isn't a huge financial problem -- but it is one if you're a seafarer captured by pirates.
  • Shipping companies should strongly consider trained, armed or unarmed security contractors to protect vessels transiting through the area -- though this is not an inexpensive proposition.
  • Raiding pirate bastions with Marines or SEALs would yield tactical success but create huge strategic problems for the United States -- a bad idea.

On the change from "Blackwater" to "Xe":

  • Changing the name is not enough -- the company needs to change its business model and concentrate on new, more positive ventures.
  • The company needs to be more decentralized -- allow different businesses within Xe to act on their own...enough of just Erik Prince and Gary Jackson speaking for the enterprise.
  • The global economic downturn has begun to dry up business for PMCs.
  • XE needs to take a hard look at all their business entities and keep ones that can really further a more positive brand.

Listen to the entire interview for more details...

-- Christian

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