Monkeying with Magpul


You guys might remember that I mentioned I'd met the folks from Milspecmonkey at the SHOT Show a couple weeks ago in Orlando.

We've run a couple of their gear reviews in the past and I like their "next-gen operator" approach to things. Milspecmonkey has a keen eye for the innovative companies out there finding real solutions to the needs of troopers in combat and on the job.

Well, we're going to build on that earlier relationship and offer up some of the videos the boys shot at the show this year.

As you know they are (and so am I) a big fan of the guys at Magpul. Here are a few of the vids Milspecmonkey shot on new products being released by Magpul...maybe this'll give some of the boys in "supply" a few ideas to make a Joe's life a bit more bearable.

Here's a look at some new Magpul M4 add-ons...

The Monkey takes a look at some more accessories...

...and Magpul explains why bigger is better

-- Christian

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