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Obama-Air-Force-One.jpgThis time of year is always tough because -- as we wait for next Sunday's Super Bowl -- we've had football summarily yanked away from us. What are we supposed to watch as we attempt to get a few more moments of mental peace before we hit the work week again? Antique car auctions? "The Real Housewives of Orange County" marathons?

Well, Defense Tech is here to help. Tonight at 8 PM eastern the National Geographic Channel is running "Air Force One," which gives an in-depth look at how the President's one-of-a-kind 747 does business. We got an advanced look at the show (that's how we roll) and it gets two thumbs up from us.

Among the interesting scenes is one that documents Barack Obama's first ride on Air Force One. Although he's as cool as ever, you can also sense in his manner that the big jet and associated military crew are manifestations of the responsibilities of the office that hadn't hit him to that point. (Can you say "moderating influence"?)

Oh, and don't touch that dial because after "Air Force One" NGC is running "Marine One," which goes behind the scenes at HMX-1. See how much goes into getting the VH-3s where they need to be and ride along with a Marine major as he attempts to land on the South Lawn for the first time.

And next week we'll get back to football one last time this season. Go Cardinals. (I'm old school St. Louis Cardinals, too. I have my Larry Wilson trading card under glass.)

-- Ward

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