Is Someone Shooting at Us?


The BAE press call on Monday was cancelled for the US audience, though still held for European reporters, on the company's new Hostile Fire Indicator system for helicopters.

This, if it works, is a total boon to rotor wing pilots, crew and pax because it can help zero in on fire and let the good guys know they're being shot at before someone slumps forward in his seat.

Our boy Steve Trimble posted a promotional video on his DEW Line blog the other day that I thought I'd share with you here...

BAE Systems has released new video showing their new hostile fire indicator (HFI) in action. An AK-47 is fired as a HFI-equipped MD Helicopters MD520 approaches within a few hundred yards. It's not possible from the video to verify the results, but BAE claims the demonstration was a success.

The US Army has been seeking a working HFI system since the invasion of Iraq in 2003. So far, no feasible option has emerged -- at least in the public domain.

Kind of a weird video, I know...but if it works, it's a big deal.

UPDATE: I just got a bunch of information from BAE on the system, inlcuding pics and more video. Let me cull through it and I'll post it here in a bit...stay tuned.

-- Christian

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