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Those of us whove laid there for hours on end, watching a suspected insurgent ORP, or gathering intel on that homicide suspect before the knuckle-draggers go serve the warrant, understand that adult diapers arent the best answer to the bodys biological imperatives (particularly with regards to matters scatological). The same thing is true (and possibly even more serious, just ask them) for those poor bastards trying to make it through a heroic run of Utgard Keep in one night, or attempting to finish Dire Maul while suffering gastrointestinal distress.

Well, the Japanese have created something that will not only eliminate those troubles, itll let you leave the atmosphere without crapping yourself. This space diaper is designed to use powerful suction to gather up all the nastiness created when nature calls. Sensors strategically placed around your ass and crotch let the diaper know when to activate, and it will even dry and clean up its wearer after the fact. JAXA, Japans equivalent to our NASA, wants to have the space diaper finished and ready for deployment within the next five years. Thats conceivably in time for the guys slated for deployment in OEF XXIV or so...

-- The Mad Duo

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