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Down East are the geniuses behind such products as the FastMag, Snap Dragon buckle, and MOLLE Frame.

Amid little fanfare they unveiled their latest incarnation of the FastMag at SHOT Show. As the prototype FastMag passed from hand to hand among gear aficionados, the inventors explained the evolutionary improvements over previous versions. The greatest improvement is the attachment mechanism. A thin, rubberized, PALS compatible strap has been integrated directly into the design and pulls over a tab to secure the pouch via tension.

Additionally, they introduced the ability to shingle the FastMag with Tactical Tailors MALICE Clip. The pouches can be stacked on top of one another or in conjunction with soft pouches as seen below. Additionally, you will notice that the bungee is missing. Down East felt that it was superfluous and drove up cost. Instead they engineered holes into the design so that the user could integrate a bungee if they felt the need.down-east-pack.jpg

The new design is still in the prototype phase but if past performance is any indicator, these should begin to be available soon.

To announce their new Direct Sales program, Down East also showed a version of their rucksack. In order to test their latest frame (DEI 1606) and suspension (in this case made by Eagle), Down East commissioned Log House Designs to manufacture a 2400 in2 pack. They are pleased to now offer limited numbers of these for sale in UCP and Multicam (available Late Jan 09) as well as civilian Black and Navy Blue.

The pack is a simple top loader with ample PALS webbing to attach accessories and features a comfortable suspension.

-- Soldier Systems

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