Friends of the Family



I ran into the maniacs from Mil-Spec Monkey, a site devoted to gear reviews and news and also a designer of innovative (and hilarious) motivational patches.

We've run a few of their posts and reviews here before -- they're close friends with our buddies at BreachBangClear -- but I'd never had the opportunity to meet them in person.

The Monkeys are based in the Bay area and are either working for, or alums of the America's Army video game. They have a lot of technical expertise, no military experience, but a lot of enthusiasm. Their moto patches are generating quite a following and the "rad guy" element of the tactical community are giving their news and reviews a lot of credibility.

We look forward to working more closely with the Mil-Spec Monkey crew of chimps, and will feature some of their SHOT Show content here when they've got it ready.

Now, back onto the floor of the show!

-- Christian

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