Heading to SHOT and Other Bidness

OK folks, so I'm headed to the 2009 Annual SHOT Show in Orlando. It's my first time there so I'm pretty psyched, if not a little intimidated by its scope.

I will be updating the blog on cool things I run across and other new gear news and information. I'm taking both still and video camera, so stay tuned for "multi-media" updates.

Also, several of our contributors will be there, including the mad-scientist Dave Woroner, the nut jobs at BreachBangClear and our friend, the editor of SoldierSystems blog. Also, I'll be hanging out with the folks from and my old friend and compadre Robert Brown from Soldier of Fortune magazine. It should be a great collection of rogues and scoundrels.

In the meantime, here's the latest on the FNH-USA submission for the Marine Corps Infantry Automatic Rifle.FN IAR Description Publish at Scribd or explore others: Military Technology marines rifle

Also, feel free to send suggestions on things you'd like me to check out.

-- Christian

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