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In the link below are the first images of the Gaza fighting released from the IDF:


IDF Video...

I saw several things:

  1. There were a number of clips of Merkava tanks and Achizart APC's parked and moving.
  2. There was an inspection of a blown up Hamas tunnel.
  3. IDF Sayret special forces with Tavor rifles and IDF paratroopers with M4 carbines engaged in operations.
  4. At about 3:54 to 4:40 There was a long urban fire fight sequence. The noise from their small arms includes a couple of rifle clips or half machine gun's a belt's worth of "rock and roll" followed by shorter controlled bursts. There is also some sort of very rapid burst automatic weapon barking. This may be Travor rifles in "burst mode." These sounds are in sharp contrast to the sound of American Army troopers and American Marines in Iraq. American infantry machine guns are almost always used in shorter burts and the singular pops of semi-automatic aimed rifle shots distinguishes the presence of American infantry. Also heard in the back ground is sharp controlled bursts of machine gun fire from armored vehicles, judging from the amount of it used. There are also many impacts of Tank, 40mm grenades or heavy machine guns on a Hamas position.
  5. There was an overhead view of an IDF/Hamas fire fight ended by what looked like and tank round or a missile.
  6. There were extensive overhead strike videos showing Hamas fighters firing rockets and mortars from civilian areas.
  7. There were extensive strike videos of large improvised explosive devices being destroyed by air dropped ordinance.
  8. There were extensive overhead views of strikes on Hamas munitions stores and tunnels with many secondary explosions.

-- The Military Curmudgeon

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