The H&K IAR Revealed



I just got some information on the Heckler and Koch bid for the Marine Corps Infantry Automatic Rifle.

You can see the picture here and below, check out the stats: IAR specs Publish at Scribd or explore others: Technology weapons rifle To me, it basically looks like a 416 with a longer barrel and more robust butt stock. I will say that troops love the H&K box magazines for their lack of hangups in when feeding on burst fire.

Thing is, I hope the deck isn't stacked against FN and H&K because of Colt's submission of two weapons. I have absolutely nothing against Colt or its IAR variants (though for some reason they declined to provide me with any details of their weapons for DT or, I just for once want to see a free and fair competition for the Corps' new version of the BAR (though in 5.56, much to many's chagrin)...Without any ole boy networking or bias.

We'll see though, huh?

-- Christian

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