USMC ILBE Detachable Platform Chest Rig



The Marine Corps is working on a specialized detachable chest rig for armor vehicle crewmen to be used as a quick-attach/detach capability for ILBE pouches.

The Detachable Platform Chest Rig will integrate with the Modular Tactical Vest (MTV) or recently fielded Scalable Plate Carrier (SPC). Vehicle space constraints make it difficult for mounted crewmen to perform their mission while wearing pouches attached to their armor carrier. They require a slick chest area but once they exit the vehicle need a means to rapidly integrate ammunition and other critical equipment to their armor.

As envisioned, the chest rig is a two piece design consisting of a vest foundation piece and removable pouch attachment system. The vest foundation piece will be affixed to the MTV/ SPC and serve as the base for the pouch attachment piece. The pouch attachment piece will hold the required pouches and be stored in the vehicle during normal vehicle operations. The pouch attachment piece will essentially snap into place once the crewman dismounts.

Planned fielding is currently just over 6000 systems but if the rig shows utility expect to see it adopted by other service components.

-- Soldier Systems

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