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Under development for three years, the ARC Magazine was designed specifically for USSOCOMs SCAR program. However, it will also fit M16-style weapons including receivers with out of spec magwells. Unfortunately, magwell tolerances has been an issue for many magazines for years going back to the Israeli Orlite mags that hit the US market over 20 years ago and an ongoing problem ever since. Manufactured from a high strength polymer, the ARC magazine will be available initially in 5.5645mm and 7.6251mm for both FN SCAR light and heavy weapons.

Notice how the lower half of the magazine has a somewhat more pronounced curve than a standard 30 round M16 magazine. The allows the magazine to have the optimal ammunition stack. Additionally, the joint is secured with an adhesive with a higher strength than the actual magazine body.

This is a no maintenance magazine other than to brush it down and spray it out with compressed air or water. Also, note that there is no floor plate. This means that it is a five sided box construction and extremely strong. Additionally, the chromium spring resists corrosion. Tangodown has also developed a maritime version with a one way drain valve for OTB operations.

The 'gasket' between magwell and magazine is actually a soft durometer silicone seal that is bonded to the magazine and will only be found on the government issue variants and serves as a sand or dust seal.

The ARC Magazine will be available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, and Foliage Green. Due to the different geometry of the ARC magazine new pouches are under development for the GI model but the commercial variant will fit most standard ammo pouches.

-- Soldier Systems

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