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BAE Mobility & Protection Systems Advanced Design Group has been pumping out some innovative load carrying solutions. In addition to recently capturing USSOCOMs armor carrier contract with the RBAV, the ECLiPSE line is beginning to hit the market. So whats next for BAE?

Poised to become a true leader in the Soldier Systems market, BAE has been working with new materials and there will be a few surprises in store at SHOT show. But for now, we can show you two products designed by Matt Campbell and Mike Walker. Both products are mounted on velcro backs and can be fitted directly to a low-viz armor carrier or to a MOLLE adapter panel.

The Elastic Ammo Pouch carries three M16-style magazines and wont lose its elasticity over time. Additionally, the fabric is durable and will resist abrasion.

The modular holster (not shown) is designed to carry a different pistol than the M9 but it will accommodate several models and specialized cuts will be available in the near future. Due to the velcro backing the holster can be carried vertically or turned 90 degrees for a horizontal carry. Additionally, the magazine can be inserted in either direction to the holsters orientation.

-- Christian

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