Friday -- Fire for Effect

Nuclear moon basesB-52s now working as standoff jammers? Rad meter pinging: Brit Challenger II does its thingGulp: Use of nukes "more likely" in the futureNorway burns Gripen, puts in order for the F-35 frozen phantom.jpgFrozen Phantom: The South Korean air force showcased its new aircraft testing and evaluation center on opening day, September 8, by coating this F-4 Phantom fighter jet with ice. In the facility, engineers simulate conditions that a plane might encounter at 40,000 feet to determine if the crafts composite structureparticularly in its wingscan endure the freezing temperatures without cracking--John Noonan

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November is Military Family Appreciation Month

Throughout the month, military families are honored and recognized for their commitment and contributions in support of our military and nation.

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