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It now looks as if the "user" who posted these videos removed them from YouTube...if anyone knows how to dig up cached versions please let me know and we'll post again.

This is one of the most fascinating lectures I've seen in a long time.

Remember when the aviation press (and we) splashed across their pages the fact that the Indian Air Force had scrubbed the floor with US Air Force F-15s and F-16s in their shiny new export Su-30s back in 2005?

Well, this guy flew in a more recent air training battle with the Indians out at Red Flag and talked about the ins and outs of the Su-30 vs the F-15. I won't pretend to try and explain his comments for you, take the time to watch his presentation and see for yourself the treasure trove of information on one of Russia's most impressive combat aircraft.

He also talks about some of the reasons why the US did so poorly in '05 over in India.

(And make sure to watch minute 8:18 on part one for a look at how to kill a Raptor)...

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