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So I'm reading The Washington Post this morning and channel surfing between ESPN, MSNBC, and CNN and as a result (not because of ESPN, of course) I'm made to believe that the presidential election is already over and Barack Obama will be our president come January.

Now I'm not saying this mainstream media presaging is a good thing or a bad thing . . . I'm just saying it's a thing. And I'm asking you, wise DT readers, as your Sunday Paper tasker, to tell us what you think about it. Is the MSM creating a self-fufilling prophecy? Or will the electorate rise up and show the experts they're not as smart as they thought?

And remember, this is the Sunday Paper. We go outside the lines of things didactically defense tech-y with these (infrequent) posts. Plus we're electing the next commander-in-chief. Hello? Talk about defense-related . . .

So what do you think?

-- Ward

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