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Just a heads up to all out international readers here at Defense Tech...Monster.com (Military.com's parent company) just launched its new operation that givesmilitary folks in the United Kingdom a place to go along the lines of Military.com.

Monster is proud to announce the creation of HMForces.co.uk, a new online space designed exclusively for the UK military community to connect and develop their careers.

Do you need advice on landing a great civilian job once you leave the Forces? Curious if youre claiming all the benefits youre entitled to receive?

Or, just want to banter about which Service really works the hardest?

Check out our discussion forums, videos, benefits overview, plus much more, its clear HMForces is going to be at ground zero for the military community to meet up and share.

However, since the site will always be a work in progress and as it is entirely about and for members of the Armed Forces your feedback is crucial.

Please drop us a line if you have an idea for a new feature, want us to investigate something, or even if youve found a broken link.

We're proud to extend our services, news and member resources to a military community that has recently participated in a lot of U.S. operations and shares a close alliance with American forces.

I hope you all will take some time to check out the new site and feel free to throw some feedback our way on things you think could be improved.

-- Christian

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