F-35B Takes Flight...n't


p>Other people can debate whether the JSF is a waste of money, as vulnerable as a clay pigeon at a trap range or the best thing since the A-10.

Our good friend and contributor Steve Trimble has been getting the goods on the program for a long time and continues his good work over at the DEW Line blog on Flight International's Web site.

I covered the program back during the concept demonstrator phase and was always a bit personally partial to the Boeing version because I liked the idea of a lifting body concept and the scoop air intake (perfect for shark's teeth -- it just looked more intimidating). I did get a chance to see the Lockheed version of the STOVL JSF sitting on the hover stand at that company's Skunk Works facility in Palmdale and have always been intrigued by the lift fan engineering.

Unfortunately, as our boy Steve has reported, it's going to be a while before the STOVL plane flies in real life. So for now, this YouTube video will have to suffice.

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-- Christian

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