Truth, Lies and Videotape: The Azizabad Raid


All right, I just wrote out a long entry but it got erased when I tried to post it...frustrating.

But the deal is, I'm wondering what in the Sam Hell is going on with this Azizabad raid story.

Saw a story last night on Fox about it. Ollie North (who I do not respect as a journalist, but isn't a bad guy personally -- I've bumped into him on two trips to Iraq) and a pretty damned good cameraman with no Fox agenda were embeded with the MARINE special operations force on the raid.

They saw the engagement. They saw the casualties. They did not see what "witnesses," the UN, the Afghan government or the New York Times (nice try with that BS iPhone video) saw.

Watch the report:

Now, what I want to know if there's anyone else out there who can tell us the straight gouge. Why? Here's what I'm worried about. There's a high level delegation going over there to conduct another "investigation." They HAVE to find something wrong. Who are they going to hang out to dry? MarSoc...once AGAIN. Remember all the "civilians" they killed in March 2007 after that roadside ambush? They got kicked out of theater, the commander in Afghanistan prostrated himself before the Afghans, the media and the Pentagon for forgiveness. The Corps holds a public inquiry on the incident and what do they find? The MarSoc operators did NOTHING wrong.

How much do you want to bet this will be replayed once more? Help us keep this from happening again, folks.

-- Christian

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