Raytheon Missile Deployed On Predator


This article first appeared at Aerospace Daily & Defense Report.

A small air-to-surface missile developed as a private venture by Raytheon is being deployed on the Predator unmanned aircraft by an unidentified customer.

The Griffin is a 42-inch-long, tube-launched missile with a semi-active laser seeker, and is intended to give the Predator and smaller UAVs an organic, self-guided direct attack capability, Raytheon says.

The short-range missile including its launcher weigh around 45 pounds, and the Predator will be able to carry up to three rounds for each Hellfire missile now carried. Although longer than Hellfire, the Griffin has a narrower diameter at 5.5 inches and a smaller warhead, reducing collateral damage.

Raytheon says the low-cost weapon is modular, using technology from several of the companys existing weapons including Javelin, AIM-9X and guided projectiles. Other seekers and warheads could be installed, the company says.

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