MRAP Deliveries Reach New High



The Pentagon just released its latest numbers on MRAP deliveries to Iraq, boasting today that over 5,200 have been sent to theater so far.

The number of deliveries by sea now exceeds those airlifted into Iraq by heavy transports, which makes a heck of a lot more sense (and costs less). I remember during my stop over at al Asad airbase seeing those contracted AN-124 Condor (Ukrainian transports) flying in and out all day delivering the IED-resistant vehicles to western Iraq.

It's interesting the see the raging back and forth over the MRAP (partly stoked by yours truly) Peter out as of late. In fact, I hear the Marine Corps is quietly trying to duck out of the "program executive office" role for MRAPs, hoping to hand over the politically radioactive and costly program to the big boys in the Army to deal with.

The Marines have always been more jazzed about the JLTV anyway, so let's give them the breathing room to execute that badly needed program.

You know, I spent some time with Army units over there, but didn't roll in MRAPs with them. Still spent a lot of time in the latest up-armored Humvees. If anyone's got some inside gouge on where these 5,200 MRAPs are operating, I'd like to post it here. Maybe they're mostly around Baghdad.

-- Christian

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