Boeing Dives into the Blogosphere


Now Boeing's gone all "new media" on us, putting together a web log that focuses on its Tanker Deal protest.

Good on 'em for recognizing that blogs like DT and Ares and The Dewline are a force to be reckoned with in shaping the debate and often cross-reference within the blog world. But I've always found it kind of pathetic when "big business" tries to blog.

I mean, isn't the appeal of Defense Tech and our other blog friends the fact that we're not tied to any corporate interests in the defense world? That's what blogs are for; and the idea that Boeing -- or NorGrum/EADS, for that matter -- can pump out investigative insights on the subject instead of market-tested bullet points is preposterous. There won't be any candor. There won't be any objectivity.

While we have our protest in with the GAO, we wanted Americans to know that the KC-X acquisition process was flawed and clearly understand our reasons for protesting. Boeing firmly believes that changes were made to the bid requirements and evaluation criteria that led the Air Force away from a highly capable, mid-sized tanker and pushed them into selecting a less capable, less survivable tanker.

With a GAO decision on the protest due in twelve weeks, we will continue to tell our story throughout the country in order to leave no doubt that Boeing offered the most capable tanker, at the lowest risk to the warfighter and taxpayer.

Mark McGraw Vice President & Program Manager 767 Tanker Programs.

Oh well.

But that's okay. Since the blogosphere is open to everyone, everyone seems to think they need a presence in it. We'll take the info for what it's worth and move on.

Let's just keep an eye on the internet jockeying and where it lands.

-- Christian

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