Dragon Skin Theft...Or Not...?



Here's an item that's actually a pretty interestinjg mystery. I was tipped off by Pinnacle Armor president Murray Neal, who sent me a link to the Soldiers for the Truth site (a huge backer of Neal's Dragon Skin armor) where they're looking into a hullabaloo that's erupted over some wayward DS vests.

It seems that a couple of the 30 Level IV Dragon Skin vests Neal sent to PEO Soldier back in 2006 for that series of first article tests the Army claimed (and we agreed) failed miserably have wound up on eBay. Soldiers for the Truth reports the vests showed up in February with a list price of $3,500.

The plot thickens with a local TV station in Fresno, Calif., taking Neal's bait and doing an in-depth report on the mysterious armor sale. They contacted none other than the Army's "Mr. Body Armor," Karl Masters, who says his office is being investigated over the eBay armor.

I contacted sources in PEO Soldier who clammed up, saying: "The Army, in cooperation with law enforcement agencies, is currently investigating the alleged theft of U.S. Government property and it would be inappropriate to comment on the progress of the investigation at this time."

That's a convenient way of saying "no comment" but I can understand, with their backs against the wall, why the Army would take a pass on throwing fuel on the fire.

I have no idea how this would have happened, but it sure is weird. The government is obligated to hold onto those items forever -- and certainly it is unethical, and maybe illegal, to sell them over an online auction site. The idea that Karl Masters, who I know pretty well from years of covering this, would sell these items on eBay is pretty far fetched in my mind. I know he is the root of all evil to DS backers, but in my experience, he's an intellect to be reckoned with, but no crook.

Could someone down the line in the Army testing chain have done something stupid like this? Surely.

I'd welcome any inside scoop our readers have on this. I'll keep kicking over some rocks to see if I can drum up more.

(Photo: Soldiers for the Truth)

-- Christian

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