Who Killed the Terror Mastermind?


I know you guys are probably more interested in the upcoming plinking of a wayward satellite with a Navy SM3 ABM, but I want to see if I can spark your interest and resources to run down another mystery.mughniyah.jpg

Imad Mughniyah makes "Carlos the Jackal" look like an aficionado. He racked up over 400 kills in various terrorist hits he planned, including, some believe, the bombing of the US apartment complex at the Kobar towers in Saudi Arabia. This guy had a $5 million reward on his head and was arguably worse than Osama bin Laden in his ruthlessness and track record of terrorist attacks.

My big question is, who had the guts (and intel) to kill him in such a public way? I know everyone's going to say Israel did it. They sure have motive enough. But I'm inclined to be skeptical of that view. It's almost TOO obvious. I'm sure they helped in some manner, but I don't believe it was their operation...though I'm willing ot be convinced otherwise.

The oft-quoted former Israeli intel chief Dani Yatom had an odd quote the other day on FOX News. He said "the free and democratic world today achieved a very, very important goal." Free and democratic world? Achieved? So a country that's a member of "the free and democratic world" did this...he used the word "achieved," which implies they DID it, rather than benefitted from another's actions.

Maybe I'm parsing too much, but I'd like to see what you all can find out about this. I'll keep my scan on.

-- Christian

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