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Some of you might remember my entry from Iraq a couple weeks ago criticizing the new Stryker vehicle version called the mobile gun system, or MGS. I spoke with three MGS crew, including an MGS platoon sergeant, who said the system was crap.

Well, in the interest of giving each side their due, Im going post some comments sent to me this weekend from another MGS platoon sergeant who was quoted in the Bloomberg story I cited in my story.

At this time in my opinion am one of the most combat experienced MGS vehicle commanders in the army today. I have fired 58 rounds in a combat situation...none of them were just for fun rounds. I have used the MGS in every manner possible and used it for things it was not tatically supposed to be used for. It pisses me of that only 1 or 2 guys were asked about this vehicle in 4-9 INF, 4/2bde.

And later he wrote me...

I just want the vehicle to get a fair chance and for people who think it a waste of tax dollars to realize that we now control the battlefield both cross country and urban.

The MGS platoon sergeant also pointed me in the direction of some YouTube videos featuring the MSG. Heres one, and a link to the others.

So, take a look for yourself. All I can say is the crew with whom I talked in Baqubah hated the vehicle and argued it was rushed too soon to combat. Our new source says something completely different, and its totally fair to argue that my story was based on the opinions of just a handful of people.

Well follow up with any further disclosures on the MGS from all sides.

And, PS: Im back from the Sandbox. A hearty thanks to my dear leader, Ward Carroll, for hosting the blog in my absence. He did a first rate job and I can see you all enjoyed his aimless blathering...

-- Christian

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