New SEAL Boat

SEAL boat.jpgSpec ops guys love their toys, and SEALs especially love the idea of a new, smoother-riding boat. Here's some of the gouge currently running at

Navy SEALs are tough by nature, but they take a beating from their patrol boats: bruises, bumps and sore backs, even sprained ankles and chipped teeth.

An all-composite version of the aluminum Mark V patrol boat constructed by luxury boat builder Hodgdon Yachts Inc. is aimed at reducing the wear and tear on boat operators and SEALs by absorbing the impact as the vessel crashes through the waves at 50-plus knots.

The goal is to deliver up to 16 combat-ready Navy SEALS in shape to carry out their missions and to reduce the boat operators' neck, back and joint injuries.

"The idea is to build a boat out of the best carbon-Kevlar composite that we can build to reduce those slamming forces," said David Packhem Jr., president and chief executive officer of Maine Marine Manufacturing LLC, a military spinoff of Hodgdon Yachts.

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