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Parade magazine cover.jpgSo I'm enjoying my Sunday edition of The Washington Post over my first cup of java and I come across Parade magazine with this cover. Hmmm . . . I wonder. I check the date: January 6, 2008. Okay . . . I flip to the article, looking for some mention of the fact that Benazir Bhutto had been assassinated, but there's nothing. As a result, the article makes Parade seem incredibly unreactive in terms of its production process or incredibly insensitive -- or both. One could even go so far as to say the publication of this article without context plays into the hands of al Qaeda.

I Googled "Parade magazine, Benazir Bhutto," and found this explanation:

In light of the tragic news of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, we are releasing PARADE Magazine's January 6, 2008 cover story, written by acclaimed author and PARADE Contributing Editor Gail Sheehy. It was one of the last person-to-person interviews with the former Pakistani Prime Minister. Sheehy reported on the opposition leader from Pakistan.

In a special update on today, Sheehy reveals when she followed Bhutto on the campaign trail earlier this month through villages in her home district, she stood atop a truck, her head and torso completely exposed. Sheehy writes, "Her only protection was one female bodyguard, Nahid Khan, an unarmed older woman who has served for years as Bhutto's personal assistant."

In the PARADE piece, Bhutto discussed the challenges she faced as the first woman elected to lead a Muslim country. "I am what the terrorists most fear," Bhutto told PARADE. "A female political leader fighting to bring modernity to Pakistan. Now they're trying to kill me."

To read the entire story and about more about the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, visit


Now are most Parade readers going to go to, nevermind surf to Google for an explanation? And why wouldn't the Parade editors add the online explanation to the print edition?

Want an example of the difference between old and new media? Here it is.

Meanwhile, I'm pleased to announce that Christian has made it safely to Kuwait. He'll be mobilizing into Iraq soon. We'll keep you posted in realtime. That's how we bloggers roll.

-- Ward

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