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Alright folks, here's the deal.

I'm headed back to Iraq after about a two year hiatus. It was pretty violent and crazy the last time I was there and I'm interested to see how things have changed for the better -- or worse -- first hand.

I go with a different mindset this time, however. Though it's my third trip there, I'm much more cautious this time around. Don't be expecting rip roaring firefight dispacthes and daily raid and QRF debriefs from me. I've got a kid now, so running into the Humvee at every sound of an IED or small arms ain't gonna happen, sorry.

But as you probably imagine, I can't stand sitting around the FOB picking my nose. So, I'll be "oscar mike" quite a bit, seeing the lay of the land and getting into operations.

I plan to travel first to Anbar and hang out with the Marines for a week. I'll get a gander at some of the "awakening" progress and hopefully take a stroll down Route Michigan in Ramadi after spending a violent month there in '05. Then I'm off for a few days to the MV-22 squadron based at al Asad. After that, I chop to the Army in Diyala and hook up with a unit employing the interim Land Warrior suite of technologies.

I'll be posting entries here when they pertain to "techy" stuff, but I'll be writing a lot of content for our regular audience and will be updating a blog designed specifically for the "From the Front" assignment.

Ward will be honchoing the blog while I'm gone, so try not to give him too hard a time. I'll be throwing blog posts, pics and videos his way, so I'll stay in touch with loyal DT readers. Feel free to drop me a line if you have any buddies over there you want me to give a shout out to, or if you have any coverage ideas where I'm gonna be.

So, for now, adios. I'm hopping on a United flight to Kuwait tonight, then off to "the suck." I'll be back in DC in a month. Keep in touch!

-- Christian

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