The Sunday Paper (2007 closeout edition)



Since this is the last Sunday Paper for 2007 it seems appropriate to pose a "year in review" sort of question: Who would you pick as "Defensetech's Newsmaker of the Year"? Why?

My pick is General David Petraeus. From the Surge to the NYT ad, he's been the man in the middle of this year's national debate. And do you see Iraq in the headlines this morning? (Bin Laden's new audiotape doesn't count . . .) Temporary fix or whatever, the man has orchestrated some impressive damage control. Another indicator of his impact is that candidates who bring up Iraq while stumping on the trail sound about six months removed from current events . . . and that's why you hear them talking about it less and less. I'm not saying we won, I'm just saying . . .

Anyway Petraeus is my pick. Who's yours?

-- Ward

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