Osprey at War


Although the Marines have been keeping a tight lid on what's going on with the Osprey since VMM-263 arrived at al Assad a couple of weeks ago, our inside sources relay that after a couple of sorties in country it's "so far, so good."

Here's a photo of the "Thunder Chickens" readying for launch from the USS Wasp:

V-22s on Wasp deck.jpg

And here's a shot of a V-22 launching off the front end of Wasp after a "rolling go," the launch method of choice for the Osprey. (From the look of the mountains in the background I'd say this photo was taken off the coast of Oman in the Straits of Hormuz.) According to Navy NewsStand, this photo was taken in the Gulf of Aqaba.

V-22 launches from Wasp.jpg

(Official U.S. Navy photos)

-- Ward

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