French-made Air Force One?



Our buddy Steve Trimble over at Flight International reports that the U.S. Air Force is looking at the Airbus A380 as a possible replacement for the aging C-5 Galaxy and also, incredibly enough, the 747s used as Air Force One.

Here's an excerpt from Steve's report:

The request may be linked to the USAFs ongoing review of a potentially over-budget re-engining and reliability improvement programme for the Lockheed Martin C-5 fleet. Lockheed insists the programme can be accomplished within the current budget, but USAF estimates indicate a 50% to 100% cost growth.USAF officials were not immediately available to comment.Separately, AMC also requested data from EADS about three Airbus jets as part of a market survey for VIP Large Aircraft Recapitalization, the source said. The survey solicited data about the A380, A340-600 and A330-200.The USAF may soon need to recapitalize the VC-25 Air Force One and the US Navy also may face similar pressure to replace the E-4 Looking Glass airborne command post. Both aircraft are based on the Boeing 747-200 and entered service in the early 1990s. Many commercial airliners are retiring the 747-200 due to age and fuel inefficiency..

Read the entire report here.

-- Ward

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