Josh Rushing on the AK-47


A colleague sent me this story on a weapon that Im sure has many fans among DT readers.

Its a video and text package on the AK-47 done for Al Jazeera network. Theres some good video and the story itself isnt bad. But what I find particularly interesting is that its being run by Al Jazeera in the first place as if viewers in the Middle East need any education about the AK-47 and the reporter who filed it.

You may remember that Josh Rushing was a Marine Corps PAO during the invasion of Iraq and was prominently featured in the controversial documentary Control Room. He left the service to become a correspondent with Jazeera.

There are some interesting insights into the world of arms smuggling and supplying guerrilla wars throughout Rushings Jazeera package. So if you have a few moments to watch, its worth a look.(Read the entire Jazeera post for Part II of the report)

-- Christian

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