Air Force Killer Drone in The Stan



Last month we reported that the Army had chalked up its first kill with an aerial drone in Iraq. Now the Air Force is jumping into the fray with its MQ-9 Reaper in Afghanistan.

According to the service, the Reaper was first officially deployed to Afghanistan on Sept. 25 and has flown a dozen missions since then. The Reaper has nine times the range of the armed MQ-1 Predator and flies at twice the altitude.

Click HERE to watch an Air Force video of the Reaper in action.

But it looks like the Air Force has some catching up to do with its new robot killer: so far the service is reporting zero kills. Hmmm, the Armys one up on their Air Force brethren when it comes to drone kills? At least publicly, that is...(Gouge: NC)

-- Christian

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