Another New Sniper Rifle on the Block



It is described by its manufacturer as a middle option between the range and power of a .50cal Barrett and a 308 Remington. And forget the SR-25/Mk11/XM-110 (but well get to that in later posts).

Say hello to the Sako TRG-42, a new sniper rifle offered by the folks at Beretta.

It seems that with the insurgency in Iraq and Afghanistan still at a simmer, theres been a lot of attention paid to sniper rifles and some rethinking of how the military should equip them.

The Marine Corps built on the traditions of bolt-action aficionado Gunny Carlos Hathcock reluctantly dipped its toe into the semi-auto world with an experimental introduction of the Knights Armament SR-25 to sniper teams in Iraq. Many loved it, but sometimes a bolt-action rifle is what you want for long shots.

The current M40 barreled for the .308 round is dependable and can reach out and touch someone at about 1,000 meters. But the TRG-42 is designed for the sniper who wants a little more range like 2,300 meters, says Beretta firearms instructor, Corey Gumbert without having to carry the heavy .50 Barrett rifle.

Gumbert said his company has handed over a few of the .338 Lapua-chambered TRG-42s to the Marine Corps and so far they like them.

The rifle holds a five-round magazine, has a collapsible and adjustable composite stock and has been configured for the Marines with a 20 barrel. That short barrel, combined with the collapsible stock, allows the TRG-42 to be easily packed on a snipers back without announcing to the enemy his specialized mission.

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