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Sick of neighborhoods where all the houses look the same? Tired of the lame options your builder is offering when you try to move on your dream home? Well, fret no more.

For the low, low price of $100,000 you can own this gutted TWA 747 hulk.

Now, never mind how you'd get it from the California desert to your lot, the bigger question we have for DT readers is this: How would you design your interior? First class lounge as widescreen TV room? Baggage compartment as finished basement for the family teens? Cockpit as breakfast nook?


Don't worry about budget. Let your imagination run wild.

Over the next few days the DT staff will judge the best interior design idea. Winner gets a super-cool T-shirt and props in a future DT post.

(Gouge: Gismodo, CM)

-- Ward

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