Look Downrange Will Ya?


Now we know why Gen. Jones and Chief Ramsey say it's time to trash the Iraqi National Police...


DT reader "sintax" writes:

hey a friend of mine shot this with me when we were on patrol in dora district south Baghdad. yes the NP's(national police) are very poorly trained and equipped. sometimes they don't even get paid for months. there is alot corruption in the Iraqi state dept which is under their control. anyways shout out to Bravo company 1-35AR in Germany. BLACKJACKS!...

...But believe it or not they have tons of heart and i have seen them fight hard in combat. many of them are good guys. they have charged with us into battle many of times.

Thanks, sintax, for your insight. And I gotta tell you, I love the chuckling in the background. Keep up the good work!

-- Christian

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